1 Empower Technologies Inc. announced the release of "PowerPlay V", a rechargeable PDA embedded with LinuxDA O/S that has the look and feel of a Palm Vx. Read more

2 Empower Technologies Inc. announced today the release of "PowerPlay III", the first Palm IIIxe compatible PDA embedded with LinuxDA O/S, for sale in North America. Read more

3 In a move that will change the way that Palm and Palm-Compatible PDAs are programmed, Empower Technologies Inc. announced today at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco, CA that it has released the full version of the LinuxDA operating system for current Palm users and Palm-compatible licensees. Read more

LinuxDA refers to the suite of Linux-based software and related hardware products developed and owned by Empower Technologies Inc. The DA stands for Digital Appliance, the product category into which Empower Technologies has chosen to embed its innovative Linux-based operating system, resulting in the creation of the name and brand LinuxDA.

LinuxDA O/S is a proven operating system for today's sophisticated consumer electronics appliances. More importantly, LinuxDA O/S is the first and only complete Palm compatible Linux Operating System scaled down for the Motorola Dragonball CPU platform, providing handheld users with an alternative operating system. In addition the embedded LinuxDA O/S is currently available under the PowerPlay brand of PDAs'. For additional corporate information, please go to

The PowerPlay V PDA is Empower Technologies' newest product. Embedded with the most advanced version of LinuxDA O/S, PowerPlay V is a rechargeable PDA with the look and feel of a Palm Vx.